Saturday, December 29, 2007

Liberty Bowl, 2007

Today our family attended the Liberty Bowl game in Memphis. We've always enjoyed this time of year in our city, but this year was special, as my son's college team (Mississippi State) won a bid to the game. We've watched State play weekly each football season, and also watched them rebuild their football program over the past few years (under Coach Sylvester Croom), so today's win was a great thrill for all of us. The game was watched by a record, sell-out crowd.

I thought that the opening ceremonies were particularly pretty. Here, the US flag, in the shape of the USA, is being carried by members of the armed forces and service professions (firefighters, law enforcement), also.

If you would enjoy seeing more photos or hearing more about our fun at the game, I have posted more about it on my other blog here. You can even see a photo of "my guys". :)


Jim said...

Great pictures, and I guess the good guys won.

Anonymous said...

We watched the same game on television in high definition and it was all lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi! i was googling the liberty bowl and stumbled on ur site.
As you may know, many bands performed at the half time show. I was one of the kids in the band.
The flag was actually carried by highschool flag girls to commemorate the military.

it was a great game. I only got to see very little of it, but it had lots of energy.

God Bless,