Friday, December 28, 2007

Liberty Bowl Parade

The Liberty Bowl Parade was held today on famous (and very packed!) Beale Street. The parade is held each year, honoring both participating teams (this year: Mississippi State University and University of Central Florida), including their marching bands. There are also local groups and celebrities and marching bands and groups from near and far.

Above are some members (and their very unique party bus) of the Secret Order of the Boll Weevils, who are participants in our annual Carnival Memphis. They add humor and levity to Carnival each year, and also to most parades in the area. Carnival was originally the Cotton Carnival, hence the initial appearance of the Boll Weevils. It hasn't been Cotton Carnival in many years, but some fun things just stand the test of time.

I know that the usual is one photo a day (so I apologize in advance!)...but this Weevil was SO nice and accomodating, stopping to pose for a photo and then even giving me beads for my time (and this isn't even N'awlins or Mardi Gras time!)...I just had to share it with all of you, too! :)

Be sure to watch the Liberty Bowl tomorrow...and look for me...I'll be the one with the camera. ;-) Go State!


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see a relatively new blogger participating with some very nice parade photos.

Rambling Round said...

I thought that looked like a marching boll weevil! Have a good time at the game.

Annie said...

I am thrilled to find your blog today, to see Memphis and Collierville sights here. I'll be back to see Memphis again and again (both physically and via cyberspace with you).

Happy New Year.

Annie in Little Rock

Anonymous said...

I have some friends that will be at the game!!! And don't worry, they will be on your side; of course :)