Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cotton Harvest Time

This is the time of year when cotton is harvested here, and you can often smell the cotton seed oil aroma before you even see the field (I like that smell). It looks almost like a dusting of snow, doesn't it?
My late uncle was a "cotton man", so the yearly cotton crop has a special place with my family. These fields are just outside Collierville, near Rossville.


Anonymous said...

Cotton picking time. It is all done by machine now I am guess? It makes a nice shot.

Halcyon said...

I love seeing the fields of cotton around this time of year.

They are quite an impressive site. I can't believe people used to pick by hand. What work!

Dave Isaacs said...

Beautiful photos. You have a great a musician I often don't see much of Memphis past Beale St, and it's very cool to have a glimpse through your eyes.

D said...

Yet another reason to LOVE October.
This is a beautiful field.
Wonder if they're in "high cotton"?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. It does look like a light dusting of snow.

Jim said...

Looks neat, I think like snow also.