Friday, October 10, 2008

Goldenrod, Spring Creek Ranch

Goldenrod, Spring Creek Ranch

Goldenrod found blooming this past week on the naturalized property of Spring Creek Ranch Golf Club on Collierville-Arlington Road. Yes, I know that some consider it to be a weed, at best a wildflower...but no matter its classification, it's an awfully pretty one!


D said...

Hi! Welcome back!
I love to look at Golden Rod...aaaaccchhhoooo....from a far distance! Lovely photo.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Makes me sneeze just looking at the picture. LOL

Rambling Round said...

Glad to have you back! I have missed your Memphis photos.
I love goldenrod and wanted to use it in my October wedding. But people said they were allergic to it, so I didn't. Then, I found out that goldenrod isn't the culprit. It's some other weed that often grows near it or with it.

Halcyon said...

Welcome back! I've been on jury duty all week and haven't had much time to check blogs since I usually do most of my commenting at work.

Glad to see Memphis is covered again. :)