Saturday, March 1, 2008

Evergreen Presbyterian, One of 1000 Churches

Memphis is often called "The City of 1000 Churches" or the "City of Churches". There are many beautiful places of worship in Memphis, and one of those is Evergreen Presbyterian Church.

Evergreen is a very active church in the heart of Midtown Memphis, near the Overton Park and the Memphis Zoo, and directly across from Rhodes College. I tried to find a founding date for this lovely church, but didn't have any luck even on their site. I do know that it's older than me, as my early childhood was spent in a neighborhood not far from this, and I took my first ballet and tap dance lessons in the recreation hall of this church.

This church has a very active outreach program, and also is the host site to the annual Memphis Scottish Festival, the Clanjamfry. This festival was always a favorite of my parents, and always attracts a big crowd and is quite colorful and fun. The parade of bagpipers and flag-bearers, all in kilts and their best finery, is quite a festive and beautiful sight. I will definitely be sharing photos of that in is wonderful!

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Zannnie said...

Very nice shot of the church! :)

Keropok Man said...

echo-ing what zannnie said. it's a nice church!

are you Presbyterian as well?

Rambling Round said...

I like that tall, tall tower.

George Townboy said...

Beautiful church ... stunning when enlarged!

Clueless in boston said...

There's something about brick churches that makes them look so solid.

And I thought Quincy had a lot of churches; guess Memphis has us beat by about 950:)

Annie said...

It's up-lifting, that church, exactly as it was designed to be.

Jim said...

Its very tall.

Jana said...

Great shot!

Joy said...

I'm so into churches. I think they tell so much of our history. Lovely shot.

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smilnsigh said...

Lovely! Classic!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this comment goes through. I, too, took dance lessons at Evergreen during the summer. Loved dancing at Overton Park Shell at the end of each summer--great costumes! Wonderful memories of Evergreen's park and all the activities. We learned to be civil no matter what.

Southern Heart said...

Yes, your comment went through, and I appreciate it. Yes, I remember those Shell performances, too. My favorite costume was black and fuschia...I thought that I was "it" in that one. Parts of it were "glow in the dark" and they turned off the Shell lights to allow that effect to be enjoyed. The only drawback was that they forgot to let all of us little dancers in on that fact. My parents have had many a laugh since about all of the little glow-in-the-dark dancers blindly running into each other. :)

Are you still in Memphis? They are currently redoing the Shell. Please let me know if you would like a photo of that...and thanks again for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I do remember that particular costume! I'm trying to remember if that was the performance to the music "Alley Cat." I LOVED being on stage and still do. How sad that today's youth don't have the same opportunities I had to spend every day during the summer at the park. I still tell people that's where you learned the rules--stay behind the white line or you'll get hit in the head by someone on the swings. Simple, yet effective! Back to the Shell. It is in such a sad state. I'd like to see all the efforts for fundraising come to fruition for that group and have it once again be a "stage" for enjoyment as well as entertainment.

Southern Heart said...

Yes, that was the song for that performance. That is incredible! You and I were on the same stage at the same time. :) What's really nice is that you remember Memphis much like I remember Memphis at that time. Did you attend school around the midtown area? I attended Snowden for my first few years but then we moved to Germantown to be closer to older relatives.

You are so right about lessons learned on the playground, etc. What I have noticed more now, especially as my younger son has gone through school, is the "everybody wins" mentality. It's nice and warm and fuzzy, but not exactly based in reality.

I, too, hope that The Shell will be fully restored. My mother has some old programs from the seasons when she was a teenager, which were so fun to see. I hope that it someday returns to its prime.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow, so we're April souls. Yes, the "everybody wins" mentality is great if we're talking about eating cake. However, in the "park of life," you'd better know where the white lime line begins and ends or you'll get hurt every time.

Great photos! We must have passed each other last weekend at Dixon.
Love visiting there and the Botanic Garden.

Thanks for sharing your "views" with everyone!