Saturday, March 8, 2008

John Gray Historic House, Germantown

The J0hn Gray House is one of our favorite historic places, and is open to visitors several times a year. It is located in Germantown Municipal Park, right next to the Germantown Centre. Edited to add: Does this house look a bit tilted to you? You can see, from the level nature of the steps and the upright growth of the trees, that the photo was taken straight-on. Maybe someone who knows a bit more about building and architecture can shed some light on this.

The historic marker below gives more information than I could find in any other sources. Please click on the photo(s) to see an enlarged version.
Here are a couple of photos of Miss Daisy enjoying the snow. She loved it, and spent a lot of time running circles around the yard and rolling in it.

Here are a few more photos taken in our yard....
I hope that you're having a delightful weekend!


Anonymous said...

It may just be the way the fence is on an angle on the left. Next time I am over that way I will check it out. This has been my kind of snow, it came, it has been beautiful, I have enjoyed looking at it from inside, and has melted enough that you can get around (even tho it is cold). Back to the 50 & 60s this week. Have great weekend. I always enjoy your photos, as they are from my part of the world. Glenda

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Just look at that happy dog! Isn't she so cute? :)

Oh, that beautiful iron planter again. I love it.

The photo tilts a tad to the right. The house is leveled, the steps are not.

George Townboy said...

LOL, at least you can take a straight on photo - I can't! All my shots come out crooked.

Nice series of photos, I love 'em.

Jim said...

Nice, when it snows on a weekend. The old house looks neat, cant tell if its crooked or maybe I am crooked.

smilnsigh said...

At first, I thought is was the fence too. Really not sure. But since it's old and it was moved, it could be a bit *out of whack.* :-)

Beautiful photos it makes in the snow!

And all these photos are lovely. Including Miss Daisy! Fun, fun, fun. ,-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

Chris said...

Our snow is all gone. Yours?

My dogs are not wild about snow. The female acts like she's being tortured. You can tell she's a mama's girl!! ;-)

Rambling Round said...

Love your snow pictures! Miss Daisy seems impressed!

gizelle said...

There she is! I though I'd see her photo wearing a pullover...=) Hope you have a nice week ahead!

Annie said...

Here's another sight I need to search out. You are giving me such touring ideas, Southern Heart.

Is your snow all gone now?

Joy said...

I don't know what it is about your post, but I suddenly had this sense of history and could actually feel being transported to the 19th century. Odd.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for the birthday wishes. I am very touched by your thoughtfulness. Sorry for the late reply - as I spent my birthday and the day after painting our new home and didn't come home until past midnight.

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