Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Kids & Horses

This is another young family that we met at the stables on Sunday. They were so sweet together, and were having such a good time.

As you can see, this little girl, probably about 2 or 3, wasn't quite sure about feeding the horses. Her parents did most of the feeding, but she finally joined in.

They reminded us of our own family when the boys were little years ago, and I took photos as fast as my point-n-shoot would allow. I asked for their email address and sent them all of the photos I took of their family. I hope that they enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.
My son laughed at how this beautiful horse seemed to be very interested in what we were doing. He wandered up to the fence and stood there, just like you see below. My son said "well, he seems to want his photo taken, too, and this is what we shot. I didn't crop this in any way; he was right there, waiting...
So much for our balmy Spring days...we are expecting a few inches of snow tomorrow night! Such is the fickle weather in Memphis.


Annie said...

Hello SH, We're still waiting for the 4-8 incles of snow that was supposed to start here at 6 p.m. It'll be such a disappointment if it passes us by. And if it doesn't come to Memphis then my grandchildren will be really distressed, too.

I like your photo of the horse - and I think you're a fine citizen to send the photos of the family to them too.

George Townboy said...

Beautiful set of photos and great post. I love horses!

I'm sending my shovel UPS.

Dusty Lens said...

Very cute! now I know where the term pony tail comes from.

Chris said...

Oh, I do love horses. . .wish I could ride more often.

We're in for snow tomorrow, too. Isn't this weather AWFUL????

BTW. . .If you like PFChang's, you will like Pei Wei. I can tell you how to get there next time you come to town, if you want.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

What a wonderful family -- great photos, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Just saw on the news 3 to 5 inches by tomorrow night. The few flurries we had Tues. was enough for me. Been to the store for bread & milk yet?

Anonymous said...

These are special photos. I love horses too. Nice.

Jim said...

cute pictures.

Brett said...

What a fantastic idea, i will mention it in my Blog tomorrow.

Joy said...

Aren't horses the loveliest creatures? They're so affectionate and sensitive.

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Jilly said...

These are gorgeous horse and child photographs.