Sunday, February 17, 2008

FedEx Forum

This is the FedEx Forum, which is now home to the Memphis Grizzlies NBA Basketball team and the University of Memphis Tigers basketball team. It is also the main venue for music, circuses, and other performances.

The Forum, which is located at 191 Beale Street and Third Street, was the largest construction project in Memphis history, and was completed on time and on budget. The first public events were held in the Forum in September, 2004. The naming rights were sponsored by FedEx, which is based in Memphis. The Forum seats 19,000 to 20,000, depending on the event.

The Forum's presence, along with the Memphis Redbirds baseball at AutoZone Park (first posted here), has really revitalized and energized this part of downtown Memphis. There is always something fun happening downtown.

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dot said...

I guess this is why they quit using the Pyramid. Sounds like lots of fun things are going on in the Fedex building.

joy said...

It looks like a formidable building! It's funny it's called The Forum, because we have one here in Norwich, too. But it provides home to the city library, the BBC and other organisations.

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Rambling Round said...

Nice that you have such a modern place for events such as these. Also great that it helps revitalize downtown.

Clueless in boston said...

On time and on budget??! That would never happen here in Boston:) Ever hear of the Big Dig?

brian said...

very nice photo... i still don't know about the naming of the arenas though... we went from ours in dallas being the coca-cola starplex, to a smirnoff music center, and now they're getting ready to rename it the center/arena!

Halcyon said...

Isn't Memphis the shipping/logistics capitol? I know when I've sent things by Fed-Ex to other cities here in Missippi, they always go through Memphis first. Funny. Glad that they are giving back to the community with this stadium.

smilnsigh said...

It was completed on time and on budget. Now this has to be a first!! Who ever heard of that happening, with most any building or re-doing?