Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have a Seat...

Here is a nice little place to take a break, right on the banks of the Mississippi River. This park is on Mud Island in the downtown area of Memphis. You can find more information about Mud Island here. In this photo, the river is to the left and the residential area is to the right. This park is usually very busy with people walking or playing with their dogs, jogging or skating, riding bikes, having a picnic, or flying kites. The day we visited it was windy and cold, so I'll have to take another photo for you during a busy Spring day (that's a good enough excuse to make a repeat visit!).

I apologize for missing a few days of blogging; I'm a bit under the weather. It seems that just about everyone around here is sick, or just recovering. I hope that you're doing great!


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Oh, yes, I'd love to sit on that nice bench, under those beautiful skies and warm sun, to admire the mighty Mississippi.

Most of the people I know have caught some nasty bug. I've been lucky (so far) this year. I hope you'll get better soon. Is Miss Daisy taking good care of you? :)

Annie said...

That is an interesting area, Southern Heart, one that attracts visitors and even some residents. But I wonder every time I go there, is it prone to flooding? I know Memphis is called Bluff City but I don't see many bluffs right along that part of the river.

I'm really sorry to hear that you are ill and hope you feel better soon.

Chris said...

Feel better soon, Andrea! That bug is nasty!

Hopefully you aren't getting the awful weather we've had again this week. Supposedly getting snow and sleet tomorrow. :-(

Go, Tigers!!

Jim said...

I think everybody is under the weather right now. Its tough. I would love a chance to sit on the banks of the Mississippi River. I grew up just a few miles from it and ignored it.

Rambling Round said...

Is Mud Island muddy?
Glad you are better. The flu is just getting a grip around these parts.

joy said...

How funny! My photo today is also a green bench. It's a very inviting bench - that one you took. Perfect for people watching while eating fish and chips.

And I have also been off sick for 4 days now :-( But mine isn't viral.

Hope you're feeling much better now.

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Dan said...

Looks like an inviting place to come and relax. I bet the sounds of the big muddy make it even more soothing

smilnsigh said...

Awww, I'm sorry you were sick. Yes, so many people are. I hope your family is all done with being under the weather, for the remainder of the winter.


Neva said...

Hope you are feeling better.....this is a great picture of this bench.