Saturday, February 23, 2008

Graceland Shows Its True Colors....Tiger Blue!!

Today is the day.... (you can click on photos to enlarge them, and the words in color are clickable---and I apologize for the run-on nature of this post, Blogger won't let me separate the paragraphs for some reason).
~The #1 University of Memphis Tigers meet the #2 University of Tennessee Vols in the FedEx Forum! If you're a fan of college basketball, or college or Southern sports in general, you know that this is BIG stuff! Up for grabs are bragging rights as the true #1 team in the nation, and also bragging rights within the state of Tennessee. This is a long-time in-state rivalry, and many here are calling this the biggest sporting event in Memphis history. I only wish that I could post the city's energy in a way that you could feel it.
~Last night, we went to see "Operation Blue Suede Show", which is the lighting of Elvis' home, Graceland, blue! Blue, in honor of the University of Memphis Tigers. This is the first and only time that Graceland has been lit in blue outside of the Christmas season, when Graceland presents its yearly Blue Christmas.
~As you can see in the first photo, Priscilla Presley was there for the official lighting ceremony, here standing next to the Tigers' mascot, Pouncer. We missed being able to photograph her during the lighting ceremony, due to the crowd, but did catch a glimpse before she was whisked away. She seems to be a truly nice person, and is a wonderful ambassador for the city of Memphis. In the second photo, you can see one of the famous Graceland Gates, and the UofM Tigers board with the switch to officially light Graceland.
~Tonight, the game will be broadcast at 8pm (US Central Time) on ESPN. In the crowd, you will see Peyton and Eli Manning, Priscilla Presley, Cybill Shepard (another native Memphian--my father dated her mother for a short time before they met their respective spouses), and Justin Timberlake. Also, ESPN's College Game Day will be broadcast all day from the FedEx Forum, so you, too, can have your fill of this fun day!
~Who will we be rooting for, you ask? Well, I'm one of those people who actually attended both schools. I did most of my undergraduate work (and had most of my college fun :) at Memphis, and my professional training and my degree actually came from the U. of TN system. My sister and BIL both graduated from Memphis, and my father has a Memphis degree (he also has degrees from LSU and Mizzou, so he can sometimes be very torn!). I guess you'd have to say that my family's blood runs true Tiger blue!
~Go Tigers!!! (and best wishes to the Vol fans, too...).


smilnsigh said...
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smilnsigh said...

I guess I'll root for whomever Peyton and Eli Manning root for. ,-)

'Miss Mari-Nanci'
P.S. I had to remove my first comment, because.... Quelle horreur! I forgot to sign it as 'Miss Mari-Nanci'! ,-)

dot said...

It all sounds like great fun! I wonder if Lisa Marie will be there. I've heard that Cybill Shepherd has a home along the bluffs in Memphis. Is that true?

Jim said...

Go VOLS. LOL. Oh I mean Tigers.

Dan said...

No matter who you are rooting for this looks like lots of fun. Hope you enjoy it.

I have had a great saturday by the way. Hanging out with my beautiful wife and daughters all day! Alas, I am off to Denver tomorrow. Back to the grindstone.

Annie said...

Gee, I have no idea who to root for. I've been listening to the hype about the game all day long.

Rambling Round said...

Hope you are having fun! I like Graceland in blue.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love how they did this with the lights!

Joy said...

How wonderful! I like blue and a blue lit house is definitely to my liking. When I was at uni, I did enjoy following college basketball.

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brian said...

I really like Graceland in blue also.. nice pics.

Steve Buser said...

And what a game it was. Sorry it didn't go your way, but it was a classic.

Pat said...

So, who won? Love the blue in the top photos! ;)


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Annie said...

What a heartbreaker of a game!
Are you too depressed to blog?