Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stormy Weather

Well, today's photo is quite a contrast to the on I posted yesterday, isn't it? We are currently under a Tornado Warning, meaning that funnel clouds have been sighted within our area...the last one sighted being one block from our house. I wanted to post this while we still have power and internet, as we are still in the line of more storms coming from Mississippi.

I've lived here my entire lifetime, and I have never seen a weather system this active. Tornado Warnings aren't rare, but today---the first time ever---the weather service issued a "Tornado Emergency", meaning extensive storms and grave risk are imminent. There have been at least six tornado sightings within the Memphis Metro area over the past two hours, with damage reported at Hickory Ridge Mall in SE Memphis, in the airport area, in the Bartlett area, and also in the Oxford, MS area.

As much as I love trying to get unique photos for you, :) I didn't venture out into the storm to try to catch a tornado in all of its digital glory. We spent an hour huddled in our interior guest bath, Miss Daisy included, instead.

I hope that all of you in the line of this storm front are safe and sound tonight!


Dusty Lens said...

Tornado warning in February, is this normal? Strange weather patterns lately. cold, then warm, the cold again, it;s been cloudy here for weeks. No the wind is howling. Hey, isn;t this Super Tuesday where the blowhards for the Presidency get nominated? (I think I solved the global warming dilema...too much hot air from the candidates) ;)

Annie said...

Inside the interior was the right place to be. That was a wild system that blew through Arkansas and Tennessee tonight. Stay safe and sound, Southern Heart and I will too.

brian said...

i see lots of damage in the area from tornados - i hope you made it through intact!!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the weather can change from one day to the next. Hope you are all OK

Rambling Round said...

I heard on TV where there are a number of deaths and injuries in your area. Hope you all stay safe!
This cloud looks so, so ominous.

Jen said...

Hi Andrea,
Hope you guys came through the bad weather unscathed. I was watching the news and thought of you.

Joy said...

Oh my God! I hope you and your family are safe, especially Miss Daisy!

I love the photo. It's blue and moody.

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zentmrs said...

Hope you are weathering this bad series of storms safely! (I like this photo - very ominous feeling)

Chris said...

Just checking to make sure you made it through all of that weather okay. . . .It was a little rough, no? Middle TN got quite a bit of damage, too. It's still blowing this afternoon (Wed).

PAT said...

Andrea, you all were on my mind last night and this morning. The stormy season is arriving early this year!!


smilnsigh said...

Heavens no! Never go out in such. I'm glad you stayed where you were supposed to stay. And that one sighted so near, did not hit you.

'Miss Mari-Nanci'