Friday, April 25, 2008

Mid-Century Modern Residence, Hedgemoor

This is the Mid-Century Modern home (across from Auto Ethnographer's childhood home) that Auto Ethnographer mentioned in a comment in reply to this post. The architecture of this home is unique and quite pretty, and an interesting and lovely contrast to the very traditional architecture found throughout the Hedgemoor neighborhood. I thought that the comment (below) said more about this home than I possibly could:

"...Our more elderly neighbors across the street had been art collectors and dealers. Everyone in the neighborhood called their house "the hotel," because it was a mid-century modern with an elevator and amazing swimming pool. They had lavish grown-up parties (probably fund-raisers), the comings and goings of which we all watched in awe. The people we bought our house from were the Thorntons. I am pretty sure they were the original builders. They would be as happy as I am to see that so much of the original grounds and house have been preserved. Thanks again for bringing back all these wonderful childhood memories!!"
I'm sorry that I've been MIA a bit this past week. Sensing that it is time for a change and some growth, I turned in my resignation letter yesterday at work (my place of employment since 1984, having held my current position for eight years), and have been interviewing for two different, exciting opportunities. In addition to that, my older son has been interviewing for two jobs in another city, and is very excited about his opportunities, also (of course, his mama still has to get used to that idea...). Nothing like mixing things up a bit, huh? :)
I hope that your week has been a good one!


Auto Ethnographer said...

Wow, isn't that just a gorgeous house!? More beautiful than I had even remembered. I cannot wait to show these photos to my mom (she loved Memphis, too, and gets homesick for it occasionally). The architectural detail on that house is really exceptional; I'm not sure if that is a design on the front door (and don't remember ever entering it. I do have memories of running down the driveway to the right and around to a back patio and entrance.) It was (and clearly still is) a really sophisticated home and garden. Is that a dogwood? I miss those (and wysteria). Hope the interviewing goes well. Your photos are beautiful.

isabella said...

Beautiful series of photos!
Hope both you and your son realize your dreams!