Monday, January 14, 2008

Brick Path, Dixon Gallery & Gardens

I apologize for being away this weekend; we had some unexpected obligations that kept me away from the computer. I missed visiting with all of you!

Jim tagged me for the New Year's Resolutions tag, so here goes. :) As explained on Chris' blog (she tagged this getting hard to follow?), most people fall into one of four categories when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions: 1) quite serious about them, 2) flippant about them, 3) pressured to do them, or 4) do not do them. When it comes to resolutions, I seem to fall between #1 and #2...I'm not very, very serious about them, but I do like to take time to evaluate life in general, and change direction a bit if I feel the need.

The photo above is one of my favorite places, and representative of my main resolution this is one of the extensive garden pathways at Dixon Gardens in Memphis. I find peace and quiet there, and walking the grounds and brick paths often gives me time to observe nature, and to think or just have quiet, undistracted time. This year, I hope to take a little more time to recharge when I need to, and also to live a bit more "in the moment."

I tend to be a "planner", and that can be a good thing, to a point. But, often the greatest joys can be found in the little things that we miss while planning our next step...the little things that can be found if we slow down enough to take in the view as we travel along life's path. I hope to be doing a bit more of that this year.

I usually pass on fun tags like this one, but it seems that just about everyone I've met here so far has already been tagged. If you haven't participated in this one yet and it sounds like fun, please consider yourself tagged! I hope that you're having a good start to your week...


Jim said...

Good resolution, the picture of the garden looks like a great place to make sure you keep it.

Jim said...

Good resolution, the picture of the garden looks like a great place to make sure you keep it.

Pat said...

Looks like a lovely place. Maybe I'll see this someday.


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smilnsigh said...

What a beautiful place to be able to walk in!!!!!