Monday, January 7, 2008

Residence, Chickasaw Gardens

This is a residence in the Chickasaw Gardens neighborhood in Mid-Memphis, and is typical of that area. The neighborhood consists of several quiet, residential streets surrounding a small, pretty lake. A portion of the movie 21 Grams (Sean Penn, Naomi Watts) was filmed in this neighborhood.


Dusty Lens said...

Pretty home, looks more like an estate!

Thanks for the compliments! No, I do not mind. Currentlt, I am using two cameras. A Canon A710 IS, (point and shoot, my wife's camera) and a Canon S5 IS (glorified point and shoot).

The majority of my pics are using Aperture Priority, some I shoot in full manual mode, or at times Program. Never Automatic.

I will also use a circular polarizing filter on my S5 IS camera. And a little bit of photo editing via photoshop for exposure correction. And Photoshop to convert my color pics to Black and White pics.

Still, I am currently looking into a Canon Rebel XTI DSLR camera and two lenses. Cost is keeping me DSLR-less in the mean time.

I could go on and on, but then I'd clutter up your blog with me typing away. If you would like more information, just send me an email. Email should be in my profile.

TeamSplashi said...

Like your blog , we also had great time in TN .
Cheers from Rose City

Neva said...

This is a beautiful home....I love the ivy on it although I understand ivy supposedly damages bricks!!!

Jim said...

The ivy is what does it for me too. Beaufiful home.

Annie said...

Southern elegance, right there. I hope the residents live elegant lives in there.

Kala said...

Sounds like my kind of place with its beautiful home design and near a lake! I wonder how much these homes cost - probably something I wont be able to afford! =)

Rambling Round said...

Wow! Look at that ivy! Beautiful home.