Friday, January 4, 2008

The Famous Peabody Ducks...

Here are two glimpses of the Peabody ducks in the original Lobby fountain.

A blogging friend recently asked me what happens to the ducks in the winter, and what type of life they have? The Peabody definitely caters to the ducks, as they not only spend time each day in the fountain, but also have hotel penthouse space of their own, including a pond and a heated area. We were told that the Peabody also owns a farm in Mississippi where the ducks live during their "off time" or after service. I believe that the ducks have a few months in the Peabody (one person told us three months), alternating which group of ducks are at the hotel.

The "Duck Parade" is famous and a huge attraction for visitors to the city. The ducks parade into the Lobby in the morning (11am the last time we visited...check with the hotel staff if you wish to visit) and parade out at about 5pm. The Lobby is always packed with people for this event (even the balcony area), so arrive early for a good spot. I once stood next to Bono of the group U2 during the duck parade, and he was as enthused about it as anyone.


Joy said...

Sounds like the ducks are living it up!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Do come back again!

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PAT said...

Hello Andrea, I keep forgetting to come by here! I've enjoyed catching up!


Kuanyin said...

These ducks must have good karma! I'm happy to see animals treated with love and respect! Mahalo for your visit!

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photos.

This is like "Make Way For Ducklings" in Boston.


Rambling Round said...

The duck parade would be a sight to see! What a life they lead!

Annie said...

At the 5:00 viewing do the viewers have glasses in hand, ending their work day on a happy note? Coffee in the morning? I have never gone to watch the ducks but now that you remind me, I really should, once in my life at least.

Steve Buser said...

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Steve Buser said...

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Deslilas said...

Duck life seems to be fine there !

Thiên said...

Wow, those are some fine, fancy ducks! Sounds like fun to see this event. If I am ever in Memphis, I'm going to look you and the Peabody up. Have a great weekend.

kunal bhatia said...

Wow, thats quite an unusual parade. i've never heard of anything similar before. if u've clicked the ducks while they are parading, do post some pix. thanks. :)
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