Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Keeping Watch" Angel, Front View

Joy asked what the angel posted yesterday looked like from the front, so I am sharing that view with you today. DH, my son and I found her to be comforting and peaceful. What feeling do you get when looking at her?


Annie said...

Solace, I feel solace in her presence.

I'm so glad you showed her again.

Joy said...

Hello again! Thanks for sharing the front view of this angel. I think perhaps in person the angel will be more comforting. Is it ok to admit that she scares me a bit though?

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Jim said...

I would say comforting. I remember hearing that when my Grandfather died years ago, he wanted to be buried in front of a statue that overlooked his plot. Dont remember what the statue was of, its been 35 years.

Neva said...

A very beautiful statue.

TeamSplashi said...

Nice photo

Dusty Lens said...

Beauty and solace come to my mind.

smilnsigh said...

I'm glad you took a picture from the front. She is simply beautiful.

Makes you wonder if the model for this, was a real woman? Or simply the artist's imagination? A lovely woman she was, if she was real.


Rambling Round said...

Like the song goes: "Guardian angels, God will send thee, All through the night."

Fredrik Ekblad said...

Thanks for your comment. About the angel statue. The way she looks makes me feel a bit sad, actually.