Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pat O'Brien's, Beale St

Doorway, Pat O'Brien's, Beale Street.

Whenever I miss visiting New Orleans, visiting Pat's is the next best thing!


Rambling Round said...

Looks like its arms (or shutters) are open wide in welcome.

Annie said...

You know I like green but I really like red and green together like this.

Jim said...

I remember going into the POB in New Orleans, dont really remember leaving....I did come away with quite a few glasses though.

I tagged you today for your New Year resolutions. You will have to check my site to find out what to do.

smilnsigh said...

I can't top 'rambling round's' comment ~ about how the shutters look like welcoming arms!!!


kunal bhatia said...

the green shutters are giving this space such a character. its the colour thats doing the trick. simple.
- Mindless Mumbai