Thursday, January 17, 2008

Central Gardens Elegance....

The Central Gardens neighborhood in Midtown Memphis was developed in the early part of last century (1900-1929), and was "the" neighborhood of choice for the wealthy and up-and-coming in Memphis at that time. Streetcars took husbands to work and wives downtown to shop, and groceries, milk and other goods were delivered regularly to the residences there.

There was a strong sense of community in this area then, as there is even today. The neighborhood experienced a renewed interest in the 70s and 80s, and many homes have now been restored. Most homes in this neighborhood are original and you don't see the tear-downs (and then new construction) that you see in some areas today. It is one of our favorite areas to drive through and admire the beauty and craftsmanship of another time, and it is wonderful to see that it is still just as respected and loved today as it was when it was first developed.


smilnsigh said...

Beautiful older home. And oh I love the words which accompany this photo.

I love it when things are valued and restored and in continuous use. That {as I have said too often} is one of the reasons I began Photos-City-Mine. To have a Net record of such, in my city. Among other sights too, of course.



tambra said...

This is the first area I take "company" to when they are visiting... You can literally feel the authenticity and history in the air- it's the ultimate Sunday drive.

It's also a very inspirational area for exterior color schemes and garden ideas... Of course the garden and home tours are wonderful, but there's so many houses I wish I could get into that aren't on the tours! :)

Jim said...

The house looks wonderful as I would bet the all do that that neighborhood. Dallas has an area like that called Swiss Ave.